About Me.

I’m an accredited Professional Coach with the British Horse Society and have competed in affiliated Dressage,  BS and BE which I managed to event at intermediate level.  Through teaching and riding myself I’ve came across many riding difficulties  and sustained  injuries myself.

I was always interested in how the body functioned and the knock on affect it had on the body, and how the horse responses to us when were feeling crook which led me to train in  Anatomy, physiology and pathology and holistic massage.

I then went on to to train at the London School of Sports Massage in London by the founder Mel Cash were attained Level 5 in Sports massage  which enhance my coaching of riders making adjustment to riders and helping then on the ground to become straighter and more supple.

After a few years working on humans I trained in Exeter to be an Equine Sports Massage Therapist run by Helen Tompkins who taught  along side Mary Bromiley. I can only enhance the benefits of massage as the response of seeing and feeling the horses muscles and mind relax is amazing feeling, as being an equestrian coach as well to see the improvement of horses work with more suppleness, engagement and horses working without tension is very rewarding.

I’m also qualified in Kinesilolgy taping in horses as many find taping prolongs the effect of treatment.  I also use red light therapy as this helps by reducing inflammation and increases cellular regeneraion and healing by stimulating the mitochrondria within the cell, which increases production of ATP also helps to relax muscles spasms and cramps .

I own 2 horses which are treated regularly and there response to treatment is amazing they totally zone out and then try to assist.

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What a relief it is to find a therapist who actually understands the demands of riding.

Gail Lorence - Dressage rider